Not a dress type of girl??

At Universe of Cool, we understand that not all girls relish the opportunity to get all dressed up in a pretty frock. So… we have made it our mission to provide as many alternatives as possible for occasions when jeans simply won’t cut it!

First up, we have a great selection of jumpsuits and playsuits… super comfy but stylish too and perfect if you have the tendency to break out into cartwheels on the dance floor!

We also have some fab skirts and a variety of smart tops to go with them – halter, cropped, not cropped, cold shoulder and more…

And we are also big fans of the skort (skirt/short hybrid – again good for cartwheels)!

But you never know… our wide range of dresses might just tempt you… why not pop in and have a browse… we’d love to see you.

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